Problem solving always begins with identifying the root causes.

NGAGENext Gen Advocates for Gender Equity by DURGA is the first and the largest of its kind virtual forum aimed at dissecting Gender Inequity! By going virtual, we are enabling safe and convenient access to societal influencers across India and helping one hear the unheard and speak the unspoken. Because every voice, of agreement and dissent, counts.

This Forum brings together distinguished thought-leaders independently involved in various issues on multiple fronts with the underlying common goal of addressing gender inequity, among others. The carefully curated sessions elaborate on issues that incapacitate our society, what can be done to address them. The sessions will serve as the first of many that will help our youth understand them with much depth, and enable them to deliberate on subsequent resolution actions.

The distinguished plenary speakers at the Forum, given their diverse backgrounds and the nature of societal inequities they aim to set right, will inspire our young attendees to become active citizens who can rectify their personal and collective issues with gender-equitable solutions – paving the way for a gender-equitable and sustainable future.


Unfiltered Conversations

No whitewashed lies. Hear about the true state of affairs from on the ground activists and distinguished thought leaders.

Make Informed Decisions

Get different perspectives to issues being discussed and choose how you wish to be a changemaker.

Voice Out

If you have a question for any of the thought-leaders or would like to share your opinions, then this is the Forum to do it.


Align with peers and others who believe in the same cause and bring about collective change.

While the issue of gender inequity is universal, the NGAGE Forum will delve into its causes and consequences in the Indian landscape.


NGAGE is open to one and all, you should especially enrol for this thought-provoking forum if you:

  • Want awareness on how gender equity can benefit or affect a country
  • Need guidance on what you can do as an individual to improve it
  • Wish to unlearn force-fed gender stereotypes
  • Already believe in gender equity and want to know more
  • Want to be an active citizen 
  • Seek accountability from policy makers
  • Believe that together we can do more


Reinforcing the spirit of the 16-days of global activism against gender-based violence — observed from November 25th (the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women) to December 10th, the NGAGE Forum is organized as part of a collection of online activities and will be part of the inaugural edition of the “India Gender Equity Week” which we hope will avalanche this into a national, collective, annual movement; and will be scheduled from December 10th – 12th for the year 2021.

Over the course of the upcoming years, the Indian Gender Equity Week will see a host of online and offline activities intended to start the conversation around Gender Equity in multiple sectors of our society. Gender sensitization workshops for school and college students, incubation for social projects addressing gender inequity, corporate initiatives for amplifying gender-equitable workplaces, promoting CSR for gender equity and other similar initiatives are being planned to pave the way for an ungendered future.


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